Cheat Point Blank (PB)


cheat point blankPoint Blank is an online tactical first-person shooter developed by Zepetto, a South Korean company. It has been launched in South Korea (published by NCSoft) in March 2008, Thailand (published by NCTrue, Feb. 2009), Indonesia (published by PT. Kreon, Jul. 2009), and Russia (by INNOVA, Jan. 2010) and will soon launch in China (by Shanda, in 4th Qt. 2010) and Turkey (by Nfinity games, 3rd Qt. 2010). It is unclear when the game will be released in North America.

Point Blank is a fast paced online first-person shooter, which is very similar in terms of gameplay to Counter-Strike. In Point Blank, players join either the Free Rebels or CT-Force team (the Free Rebels is based on the Terrorists from Counter-Strike, while CT-Force is based on the Counter-Terrorists). Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously, usually at opposite ends of the map from each other.

A player can choose to play as one of four different default character models (two on each side) A player can also purchase a new character model. There are four purchasable characters (two on each side). Players are generally given a few seconds before the round begins or before the respawning to change the weapons and/or equipment.

Game points are awarded for winning a round, losing a round, killing an enemy, making a headshot, and killing other team's players in a row, etc.

Cheat Point Blank

To use this Point Blank Cheat is very easy and effective as well as the percentage of success close to 100%, but if you get caught by the GM then it's your own risk if your Point Blank account on Banned. So please be careful using any cheat of Point Blank, especially when playing in the netcafe because the IP address of netcafe could be also be banned.

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Unlimited Blood (must be a ROOM MASTER)
  1. Log into the Game , Open Engineer, Open prosses, do not forget to put the check sign on check box near the sign OK
  2. First Scan, fill the Float option with the number 100, throwing bombs until your blood should be reduced but not to die .
  3. Second Scan, fill with blood which now is (Example: 52) then after the scan is complete only 1 kind of address, then double click it and edit it later will move to 999 in two columns, and do not forget to put a check sign on "lock" on the check box.

No Out-discharged bullet
  1. Log into the game , Open Engineer, Open prosses, do not forget check list check box near the sign OK
  2. First Scan using Byte appropriate bullet in the gun, for example: mp7 = 30
  3. Second Scan, shoot your gun but do not let you down, then the numbers listed on the bullet for example 25, fill scan 2nd with 25, if there are still many addresses, you can scan again but you have to fire more bullets into let's say 21.
  4. After you got on the destination address that you only need is to put the check sign on "lock".
  5. Start Playing

Bug Cash (Tested: 100% worked)
  1. Log into the game , Open Engineer, Open prosses, do not forget check list check box near the sign OK
  2. First Scan using the Short, the amount in cash should be above 1000.
  3. After the scan is finished, cash bought with weapons or items (Example: Cash beginning of 1000, bought guns into the remaining 516) 516 is to be value of scan 2nd, then you will get 1 address and change it to a maximum cash of "50,000", if more than it you will be banned (50,000 Cash = 500 Thousand Rupiahs)
  4. If left in trying to buy you got reading like this "Failed to buy, there's a Medium Connection Problems" (Gagal membeli, Koneksi Sedang ada Masalah) It means there's a problem in your internet connection.